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The Painted Penguin, an activity-based retailer, can give your mall a competitive edge by attracting sections of the community your other stores may not reach.


The Painted Penguin Story

Robin Nasatir, owner and founder of The Painted Penguin says her daughters were the inspiration behind The Painted Penguin concept. Searching for ways to spend “special” time with her family; Robin combined her love of arts and crafts and a ceramics store idea with an upbeat mall venue and created a fun, relaxing, appealing atmosphere. 

Ms. Nasatir emphasizes that because customers aren’t rushed through the painting process; they can enjoy each other’s company and have quality time together. Patrons are not charged by how long it takes them to paint. As our process requires no firing, patrons receive the benefits of lower prices and immediate gratification in that they can take their project home the same day they finish it. This is a great place to spend time with people you care about, work with, or are even meeting for the first time.

We hope to see you in one of our The Painted Penguin locations soon!