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Dry Brush Technique

Dry Brushing

The technique of using a dry brush with a minimal amount of paint in it to add depth, shading and highlighting details to a piece of bisque or plaster. The brush is dipped in paint and using paper most of the paint is removed from the brush.

1. Choose a piece with a lot of texture. (We chose this eagle)

2. Paint the piece a matte or flat black being sure to cover the entire piece.

3. Take a dry brush with stiff round bristles and dip the tip into the color paint you want the base of your piece to be (we chose a medium brown) and then wipe the paint off onto a piece of paper by moving your brush up and down, side to side across the paper removing most of the paint from the brush.

4. Run the brush over the piece evenly trying not to get the paint into the depressions and detail lines. This will provide a base for the rest of the painting. We left the base black as we are going to use a different color scheme for that.

5. Repeating step 3 with the color white we painted the head and tail of the eagle.

6. Next we used a bronze color and dry brushed the wings leaving the tips of the feathers alone.

7. Top view.

8. We then dry brushed the entire base gray, and then added 2 shades of green to create a rocky look.

9. We painted the beak, feet and eyes yellow using a small detail brush and then added black pupils to the eyes with a tiny detail brush.

All done!